This year I am going to be traveling solo to 36 countries as part of my project One Epic Road Trip, but this isn’t the first time that I have been abroad solo because for the last four years I have worked as a hotel entertainer across Europe and seen and experienced a lot in that time and one thing that has become more increasing obvious is safety, because of this I want to share my 35 Travel Hacks to stay safe whilst traveling.

Before Traveling

1.  Create a 3x medical cards and include the following information; your full name, your address, blood type, any allergies, any medication that you are on or need, doctors name and contact details and an in the case of emergency contact details. Have this in English language and if you can the local dialect, place one card in your passport, one with your paperwork and keep one on your person.

2.  Make sure that you have the all the medication that you need that will last you for and up until a few weeks after your holiday (this way if you are delayed and have to stay abroad longer you are stocked up). Split this medication up, keep some on you, some in your luggage and the other in your hand luggage this way you always have it.

3.  I have mentioned this before but if you are traveling within Europe get yourself an EHIC card these are free and give you the right to apply for state-provided medical care in Europe and Switzerland. – Note: This is not an alternative to Travel Insurance.

4.  Travel Insurance – A lot of people don’t purchase this because they think that nothing will happen to them, but it’s important to get it and check that you are covered for loss, theft, flight delays, accommodation, activities, health and even hostage and terrorism.

5.  Check your government website for latest information on travel to your destination

6.  Pack a mini First Aid kit in your luggage and include the following; Waterproof Plasters, Antiseptic Wipes, Bandages, Safety Pins, mini scissors, tweezers, Antihistamine Cream/Tablets, Anti-diarrhea Tablets, Hydration Tablets, Painkillers,  Antiseptic Cream, Cold and Flu relief medicine, Mosquito Repellant, Sanitary Towel or tampons (if you are a girl).

7.  Emergency Folder for yourself – which will include you Travel Itinerary, insurance details, a copy of your passport, and your bank account number and contact, and emergency contact numbers. Tip: keep this separate from your passport.

8.  Leave your Itinerary with a trusted family member or friend with the following information Flights, a photocopy of your passport, bank details (account number and contact number), Hotel address and who you have booked with and a photocopy of your insurance.

9. Have local currency and your own currency as well as money on an emergency cash card or debit card and split the money so you have some on you in person and some in your hand luggage.

10. If you want to drive whilst you are abroad, obtain an international drivers license.

What To Do At Your Destination

Hotel Arrival

10.  When you first arrive at the hotel keep you a keen eye on who is hanging around too close to you and listening to your conversations, they may be trying to find out what accommodation you are in.

11.  If it is not a necessity try not to get accommodation on the ground floor as these are the easiest to break into.

12.  Pay the extra to have a room safe as you can keep your important valuables in.

13.  If you have a Holiday Rep then attend your welcome meeting as they will let you know the rules of the hotel and also if you need to be cautious etc… If you don’t have a Holiday Rep a hotel Entertainer/Animator or Reception are the best people to talk to.

Safety In Your Room

14.  As soon as you check into you room make sure that the key works and the deadlock works as well as and windows and balcony door closes and locks. – Top Tip: If you have an electric key card don’t place it close to your mobile phone as this will stop the room card from working.

15.  Separate your money keep some in your wallet and some in the safe and if you have a hidden compartment in your suitcase some in there.

16.  No one should be knocking on your door late at night if you are not making a nuisance of yourself if they say they are staff phone down to the reception and ask if they have sent anyone to you and if you still feel unsure tell them to come back in the daytime.

17. bring a doorstop with you and push under your door from the inside, this will make it hard for anyone who tries to open your door.

18. Your room may get hot, but if you have an easy access window or balcony that can be accessed by another balcony either beside you or from above or below then keep your door and window closer. Top Tip: If you do have to sleep with the aircon on have a bowl of water in your room or damp towel this take the moisture of the aircon.

19.  If you are going out of the evening leave a light and if you have a TV on then leave it on so it appears someone is in your room. Top Tips: If you card electric works on a key, then keep a card like a reward card in it at all times (do not a valuable card like a bank card or driving license).

20. Of an evening if your window is easy to climb into then put your suitcase under the window on the inside that way any intruder will have an accident when the

Safety Within the Hotel

21.  Elevators can be dangerous places especially if you are on your own, if a shady character gets in the lift with you, have you back to the wall and by the buttons. This way you can’t be grabbed from behind and you can press alarm, also get out on the next floor and wait for the next elevator to come.

22.  Make friends abroad when you are sober that way your judgment is with a clear head and not based on cloudy apple juice (Beer).

23.  No one needs to know your room number. Keep this to yourself that way no one can break into your room when they no you are not there.

24.  Make sure you know of all escape routes within your hotel.

Safety Outside the Hotel

23.  Try to blend in and don’t look like a tourist as this automatically puts a target on your back.

24. Do not put your wallet or mobile phone in your back pocket.

25. Wear your backpack/rucksack in front of you and if you have to wear it on your back put your valuables in the bottom of the main compartment and put a towel or T-shirt on top of it.

26. Take a Map with you and the address and phone number of your hotel with you, just in case you get lost.

Traveling with Family (especially young children)

27.  Write down the hotel address and your name and mobile number and give it to your child, make sure that they know to go to a staff member on your excursion or policeman.

28.  If going out to a busy location like an excursion, beach or out as a family wears bright colors so you are easier to spot, all in the same color is better.

Using Taxi’s

29.  Only take a registered Taxi, the hotel will call a taxi for you and you can book them to collect you.

30.  If you get your own taxi get a price before getting in as some dodgy drivers will get you in the taxi and drive off and charge you ridiculous prices.

31.  If you are in the taxi on your own, sit directly behind the driver, if you happen to get a creep of a taxi driver, you will be less accessible and should be able to make a quick escape.

Be Extra Vigilant

32.  With camera phones being accessible, your battery is likely to run out of juice faster, so it makes sense to carry a portable mobile charger with you. (I currently own a solar phone charger and you can purchase that below at the end of the post)

33.  Don’t leave your phone, wallet, and cameras on a table as it’s easier for someone to grab.

34. Don’t leave your handbag under the table or on the floor anywhere as thieves can crawl under tables without you realising and you don’t have a full view of your bag as you can be distracted. Top Tip: Tie the strap of your bag around the arm of the chair and either have it on your lap or on the seat beside you.

35.  Always trust your gut, if it doesn’t feel right then go with your gut.

Disclaimer: This is NOT a sponsored post. But you can make a huge difference and support my work by buying the items via my amazon affiliates link. The prices are the market value and there is NO markup. I do personally recommend the products below and have myself purchased these items for my travels this year.




About The Author

LJ is the founder of Outside the Bubble UK, she will be releasing her first novel this year called ‘The Secret Diary of a Hotel Entertainer’, which is based on some of her experience as a hotel entertainer over the years. LJ has a passion for Travel and this year is preparing for her next big adventure, whilst also training for her first Triathlon

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9 Responses

  1. Richard Howland

    Good advice with the ‘Strap the bag around chair legs’ comment, I follow this rule everywhere. Having once been pick pocketed in a Budapest train station whilst sitting, I learned the lesson quick!

  2. Chloe

    I’ve never thought about leaving a different card in the key card when we leave the room! What a fabulous idea. I like leaving lights on and music at least when we leave the room so people think we are in there, but have never thought to try a different card for rooms that require the card be used for electricity! GENIUS!

  3. yukti

    EHIC card information is great. I was not knowing of it. Your ideas of putting money in different compartment of suitcases is what I follow always. Also I keep my purse on my lap while eating in restaurant not on floor or other chair. Great tips!

  4. Rahul Khurana

    These safety tips are really great for all travellers. I liked the tips for staying safe in the hotel and room. Never have tried these things during my stays. Will surely keep these points in mind. 🙂

  5. Natasha

    These are really great tips. We travel with a little one so they are especially useful for us! I hadn’t even considered a lot of these, but feel like I am a bit more aware now, thank you!

  6. Jitaditya Narzary

    Thanks for compiling such a useful list. TBH I never thought so much and took too many precautions. But then, you always think it will never happen to you before it actually happens!

  7. Iza Abao

    These are awesome tips. I like the ones about safety in the room the most. I have not really thought much about these hacks because I have trust in the hotels where I have stayed. However, we can never be too confident and lax. I will definitely keep these things in mind the next time that I travel.

  8. Only By Land

    There are some good and interesting tips here. I had no idea about sleeping with the air con on and leaving a bucket of water or damp towel out, I’ll try this next time! I’ve seen someone have their phone taken whilst on a table, so your tip on not leaving them on the table is very valid!

  9. Bhusha

    Absolutely awesome tips! Great point about not taking a ground floor room, never thought about it! Also great point about traveling with kids!


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