Last week, I wrote a post about being invited to experience ZSL London Zoo’s Land of the Lions. But it occurred to me, that there are other reasons why you should pay a visit ZSL London Zoo, if you’re from London or planning to come to London in the near future. There are probably more reasons to visit ZSL London Zoo, but here are my top 9 reasons to visit.

1.  Rainforest Life

ZSL London Zoo plays host to London’s only living rainforest and it’s indoors! This exhibit allows you to experience the many types of in habitants that live, thrive and survive in the world’s rainforests. You start your journey, with meeting the creature’s that enjoy the daylight which includes Sloths, Emperor Tamarins, Red Titi Monkey’s, Red faced Spider Monkeys, Green Iguana’s and many more and if your lucky they may even come over to say hello, to you and you walk round…

Once you’ve experienced the daylight it’s then time to step into the night and experience the exhibits nocturnal inhabitants which include; the Grey Slender Loris, Sebra Short Tailed Bats, Fruit Bats, Potto, Bush Babies and many more. This part of the exhibit is very dark but if you look very closely you’ll catch a glimpse of these creatures of the night as they wonder round in their habitats…

2.    Conservation & Education

ZSL London Zoo is run by The Zoological Society of London which an international scientific, educational and conservation charity. Because of it’s active work within the UK and abroad they strive to protect endangered species through breeding programmes and educating people in why it’s so important that we do not see these fantastic wild animals extinct from the face of the planet, because once they are gone they are gone for good…

Once you step into ZSL London Zoo, every exhibit within the zoo walls, is designed to teach you about these animals, you’ll get to meet some critically endangered species such as the Asiatic Lions, the Sumatran Tigers, Western Lowland Gorillas just to name a few that ZSL currently have breeding project for. By coming to this Zoo you help to fund ZSL conservation projects and research.

3.    Land Of The Lions

© L J Legend

© L J Legend

I am not going to go into too much details about this, however you can read more about my experience of The Land Land Of Lions by clicking on the link.

Land of the Lions is ZSL London Zoo’s brand new exhibit for 2016. It takes you into the heart of India’s Gir Forest, where you’ll get to meet a pride of Asiatic Lions who include Bhanua the Lion and the Lioness sisters Heidi, Indi and Rubi. This exhibit allows you to get closer then ever to these majestic creatures, you’ll also get to experience a live action rescue and meet some of the Lions neighbours including some Vultures and the Hanuman Langurs. (don’t forget to read all about my experience at Land of the Lions and see my photo’s by clicking on the Link above)

Sumatran Tigers at ZSL London Zoo © L J Legend

Sumatran Tigers at ZSL London Zoo © L J Legend

4.  Tiger Territory 

From one group of big cats in the Land to the Lions make your way to meet another group of big cats, the Sumatran Tigers in there exhibit Tiger Territory. Young and old explorers will have the opportunity to embark on this Indonesian exhibit with wall to ceilling  windows, that will allow visitors to both take photo’s and observe the resident tigers Jae Jae the male and Melati the female and I do believe they have recently welcomed a brand new tiger cub to the exhibit.

Gorilla Kingdom ZSL London Zoo - Silverback named Kumbuka © L J Legend

Gorilla Kingdom ZSL London Zoo – Silverback named Kumbuka © L J Legend

5.   Gorilla Kingdom

My obsession with gorilla’s started at a young age when I watched Gorilla’s in the Mist starring Sigourney Weaver who played Dian Fossey a wildlife expert who lived with the gorillas and learnt about them. The Gorilla Kingdom allows you to meet the Western lowland Gorillas of the African Rainforest who consist of the females Effie, Mjukuu, Alika and Zaire as well as the youngest male gorilla Gernot and the Silverback Kumbuka. These guys have a great life if there not eating or sleeping they are playing around.

Penguin Beach © L J Legend

Penguin Beach © L J Legend

6. Penguin Beach

You defiantly know when it’s feeding time for the penguins, because you can see them getting feed by the zoo keepers at various times of the day. Penguin beach consists of two species of penguins The Humboldt Penguins who can normally be found in the coastal parts of Peru and Chile and the Rock Hopper Penguins normally found in the southern oceans off tip of Africa and South America. sit down and relax as you can watch the Penguins having a great time swimming and playing in their habitat.

In with the Spiders © L J Legend

free  In with the Spiders © L J Legend

7. In With The Spiders

I’m not gonna lie I am terrified of spiders, if I find one in my house we have a spider jar that we catch them in and then set them out outdoors, where they can roam free and not come and get me. But if I  can brave it then so can you…

This is the Europe’s first ever walk through exhibit where visitors can get the chance to get up close and personal with spiders from around the world. This exhibit is designed to help people get a better understanding of spiders and to even help them over come or even calm to some extent arachnophobia. (Remember it might be quite hard to take a picture in this exhibit as your camera will fog over).

Squirrel Monkey © L J Legend

Squirrel Monkey © L J Legend

In with the lemurs © L J Legend

In with the lemurs © L J Legend

8. In with the Lemurs and Monkeys

These are two different exhibits that allow visitors to walk through as either the lemurs and squirrel monkeys are either leaping over your head, climbing beside you or sitting. These animals are so close to you, on the odd occasion a cheeky monkey might jump on your shoulder and they are more than ready to pose for a photo.

Into Africa Exhibit © L J Legend

Into Africa Exhibit © L J Legend

9. Into Africa

As well as meeting the Gorillas from Africa in the Gorilla Kingdom Exhibit, Into Africa allows visitors to meet the other inhabitants of Africa such as the Zebras, Okapi’s, Giraffe’s and the African Hunting Dogs. This exhibit gives visitor a chance to go on a mini-safari.

As I said before there are many more reasons that you should visit London Zoo, these are just a few of my personal preferences.

Article by L J Legend

About The Author

LJ is the founder of Outside the Bubble UK, she will be releasing her first novel this year called ‘The Secret Diary of a Hotel Entertainer’, which is based on some of her experience as a hotel entertainer over the years. LJ has a passion for Travel and this year is preparing for her next big adventure, whilst also training for her first Triathlon

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10 Responses

  1. Allison

    I read your other post on the Lion’s so I thought I would check this one out as well. London Zoo looks like a great day out but until reading this it would not have been high up on my must do list. The Penguins looks adorable but you can keep the spiders lol

  2. Cori

    Of all the times I’ve been to London, I’ve never been to the zoo! With all the things to do and see it never even popped up on my radar. Maybe I’ll have to check it out when I go this January.

  3. Maria

    Zoos are a memorable experience , specially for children. Nevertheless, I’ve becoming increasingly ambivalent about zoos and animal exhibits. Even with outstanding conditions, those animals are captives. And although I know that many of them only know that reality it still bothers me. Your post is very informative and useful for someone who is planing to visit London. Thank you for sharing 🙂

  4. Tina and Jimmy

    I always love seeing the gorilla’s when I’m at the zoo, you captured this one so perfectly! The London Zoo Really seems like they are doing a lot to help preserve rain forest for the beautiful creatures in the wild!

  5. kathy (from

    I haven’t been to London Zoo before as I live in the north of England meaning that when I visit London I mainly just visit the tourist sights. However it looks really good. I love Lemurs. They are so cute and full of character. Thanks for inspiring me to take a visit.

  6. Clare

    Sounds like a great zoo. I am always looking for different things to do on a trip to London. This looks like it would be a great experience 🙂

  7. Kris

    This can be a fun activity with kids. I love the penguins and Great to know that you can always check them out while eating at any time of the day. London zoo totally did a great job on cultivating the place.

  8. Maja | Mexatia

    We will definitely pay the visit next time in London! I love how they are working in educating the visitors and conserving the animal species in the same time.


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