Exploring The Caves of Drach

So having worked for almost three summer seasons on the beautiful Island of Mallorca and as fate would have it, not finishing the season this summer in Mallorca, finally I decided to go and visit the small but beautiful fishing town of Porto Cristo home of the famous Caves of Drach.

Now there are many different ways to get to the Caves of Drach (more details further down on this post), but as I was at the time based in Cala Millor, I wasn’t very far from where I needed to be so I decide I was going to be a true tourist and take the boat/catamaran to Porto Cristo.

My trip began at 9:40 am when I boarded the Sea Adventure Catamaran and headed to the top deck, ready for my crossing and to catch the sun, not realising how chilly it would be up there. But like a true tourist I wasn’t gonna move for a little breeze, plus I wanted the perfect view of my journey for all those photo’s I had planned to take along the way. As we sailed along, I had the opportunity to see many picturesque views and as we pulled in to dock in Sa Coma and S’illot to board more passengers, it put into perspective how close Cala Millor was to all things touristy.

© L J Legend

© L J Legend

Just over an hour after I set off on my adventure to the Caves of Drach, the catamaran that I had boarded entered the beautiful harbor of Porto Cristo, with its rocky cliff tops and beautiful houses like a scene from some sort of old school romantic Hollywood movie. The further we came into the docks the more picturesque it became, with a small beach to one side of me and to the other side of were two rows of expensive Yachts and fishing boats. It was very clear to see that all though this was a tourist attraction because of the Caves of Drach, to live here you defiantly needed to fairly well off. As I disembarked the catamaran I followed the harbour round till I came to the main road. As I followed the harbour round, on the side I was walking I came across a few trendy restaurants and bars which all seemed fairly busy even for 10:40 am and a children’s play area. To the other side of me, I passed a boutique hotel and a few apartments and the further I walked the more expensive the yachts looked. Once I had approached the main road it was a case of following the road up, till I came to a big round about and shortly after that was the Majorca Pearls building, which had I of had the time I would have visited (be aware that the route up is quite steep).

© L J Legend

The Beautiful scenic views of Porto Cristo, Mallorca © L J Legend

Literally opposite the Majorca Pearls building was the entrance to the Caves of Drach, judging by the large queue of people wanting to buy tickets to enter the Caves, I as very glad that I had already purchased my tickets for the 11 am showing. As I walked further in towards the Caves main entrance, I was greeted by a big blue sign saying “Cueva Drach” and a Bust Statue of D Juan Servera and a little further on, at the actual entrance to the cave I was mortified to see the hordes of people waiting to enter the caves for 11 am, luckily because I was on my own I managed to move in and out of the crowds to get myself to the front of the queue as they began to let us in I was pleasantly surprised at how fast the queue behind me had moved.

As I descended down the stairs and into the depths of the four interlinking underground caves – The Black Cave, White Cave, Luis Salvador Cave and the French Cave, the first sensation I felt was the feeling of humidity, the heat literally hit me straight in the face, I don’t know what I was expecting, but I defiantly wasn’t expecting it to be as warm as it was (I found out after, that inside the caves the temperature is actually about 21°C and 80% humid). Once initially in, I was amazed at how beautiful the sights of the rock formations coming out of the floor, walls and ceilings were which added an air of mystery to my adventure, these were also helped by the lighting design and effects, which really drew attention to the gothic look of caves. As I wandered through the caves, taking pictures and just absorbing all the sights, colours and actually feeling the different textures and temperatures of the rocks I also passed various lakes including the Baths of Diana with its turquoise water standing out from the other small lakes, before entering the auditorium, where Lake Martel is hidden.

As we all sat in the auditorium, we were told in at least 8 different languages (English being one of them) that for this part of our journey, the use of photography was strictly forbidden (which actually works out better as you will be able appreciate the concert more) and that we would need to be silent for this part, with that the auditorium lights went out. Suddenly the sound of Classical music echoed across the auditorium a small boat appeared on the water illuminated with lights on both sides, carrying the harmonium player, harpsichordist and two Violinist which carried this quartet across the Lake, they were then followed a further two boats which were also illuminated. The concert went on for 10 minutes as this quartet glided slowly across the water from one side of the lake to the other and back again and eventually disappearing again from where they came from as if everyone in the auditorium had just seen a ghostly apparition.

Once the concert was over, all visitors are offered the choice to walk out of the auditorium along a short path or to get into one of boats and take a 5-minute boat trip across Lake Martel. Now being the kind of girl that’s not a glass half empty type, I queued up and waited with about 50 other people and within 10 minutes had boarded the boat. As we moved across the lake, the water was so clear, I could see the bottom of the lake and rock formations under the water.  Once my boat had gotten to the other side, I then had a short walk through the caves to exit, which brought me out in line with the gift shop and restaurant.

My personal opinion is that although the Caves of Drach is not something I would go to every week, I recommend that whether you’re a holiday maker, working in Mallorca for the season or you live there all year round, the Caves of Drach is must visit at least once. It brings its visitors closer to natural history and it’s a truly is a unique and mesmerizing experience…

The caves of Drach is located in the east coast of Mallorca and has a horizontal extension of about 1,200 metres and and a maximum debt of 25m below ground level.© L J Legend

The caves of Drach is located in the east coast of Mallorca and has a horizontal extension of about 1,200 metres and and a maximum debt of 25m below ground level.© L J Legend

The Caves of Drach has a number of underground lakes which have helped shaped the Caves .© L J Legend

The Caves of Drach has a number of underground lakes which have helped shaped the Caves. © L J Legend

Caves of Drach is home to Lake Martel, which is considered to be one of the worlds biggest underground Lakes. Please note that this is the only photo on here that is not taken by myself and is provided via the Caves of Drach website.

Caves of Drach is home to Lake Martel, which is considered to be one of the worlds biggest underground Lakes.
Please note that this is the only photo on here that is not taken by myself and is provided via the Caves of Drach website.

Advice When Visiting the Caves of Drach

Prams- If you can get away with it, leave your prams at the hotel, in the car or in the coach there are a lot of steps and it can be very slippery.

Wheel chairs Unfortunately the Caves of Drach is not wheel chair friendly, it’s not that they are being discriminating it’s just it’s a cave and would be very hard to manoeuvre within the cave especially with amount of tourists that are down there at anyone time.

Shoes- wear comfy shoes that you won’t slip or break your neck in (heels are out ladies). There are hand rails, but the steps can be slippery due the condensation within the caves and you have a lot of walking to do.

Happy Snapper’s – As you head through the caves of Drach towards the auditorium, there are views on both sides of the path way. Be aware of visitors crossing your path or just stopping dead in front of you so try not to fall over these happy snappers and if you are a happy snapper be mindful of everyone else.

Flash Photography – Whilst you are allowed to take picture’s within the Caves of Drach, the use of flash photography is strictly forbidden and there are plenty of security around to tell you off if you do break the rules.

Opening Times:     (Please Note that there is no concert during the last tour)                                                               April to October tours take place at: 10:00am, 11:00am, 12:00pm, 14:00pm, 15:00pm, 16:00pm and 17:00pm November to March, tours take place at 10:45am, 12:00pm, 14:00pm, 15:30pm and at 16:30pm.

map of the inside of the Caves of Drach

How To Get To The Caves of Drach

Excursions – There will be plenty of excursions to the caves of Draco, check with your hotel or Holiday Rep. But this will probably be the easiest option for anyone wanting to get from their hotel and back.

Rent a car – If you have a SAT NAV or know your way around Mallorca, renting  a car is a great opportunity to make a multiple excursion trip and take the day in your own pace as you’ll not have a specific time-table to go by and you’ll also be able to park in the Caves of Drach.

Bus – Depending on your location, you can catch a bus to the caves of Drach, which will stop right outside the entrance to the car park. But it’s worth checking the bus time tables so you don’t end up getting stranded.

Train – those that are a little more confident, you could catch the train to Manacor and from the station you can catch either a taxi or connecting bus.

Boat/Catamaran – You can catch the catamaran from Cala d’or, Cala Millor or S’illot to Porto Cristo. The Port is a 20 minute walk to the caves, I would recommend following the harbour around. If you have difficulty walking, catch the mini-train, bus or taxi which all stop outside the entrance to the Caves of Drach.

Photo owned by LJ LEGEND

Photo owned by LJ LEGEND



About The Author

LJ is the founder of Outside the Bubble UK, she will be releasing her first novel this year called ‘The Secret Diary of a Hotel Entertainer’, which is based on some of her experience as a hotel entertainer over the years. LJ has a passion for Travel and this year is preparing for her next big adventure, whilst also training for her first Triathlon

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20 Responses

  1. Diana - MVMT Blog

    The caves are beautiful. I don’t think I’d like the heat and humidity inside the caves, but for the views it is probably worth it. I hope to visit Mallorca one day.

    • LJ Legend

      I no the humidity wasn’t very nice but its once of those places you have to visit at least once 🙂 and you defiantly should visit Mallorca

    • LJ Legend

      Hey Angus, unfortunately you can’t swim in the underground lake, I would have loved to as well. But there is a beach near by

  2. Soraya

    How absolutely stunning are those caves! I love how it has been lit up. The sound of the two storey catamaran sounds interesting too. I would’ve hoped on the second level too for ultimate views. I think I would enjoy this tour!

    • LJ Legend

      It’s one of the tours that you can’t visit Mallorca and not do, but I would be honest and say its a one of trip because once you have seen it, you’ve seen it but it is worth seeing. I think although I wanted to see the views I needed a tan to lol

  3. Allison

    I have never heard of the Caves Of Drach. It looks spectacular. I particularly like that you included a map. I have never really thought of myself as a cave person but I have visited Jenolan Caves (NSW Australia) and will be going to Waitomo Caves (New Zealand) next month. I hope Waitomo is just as pretty as Drach.

    • LJ Legend

      To be honest I had never really though of myself as one either but its an adventure and the mallorcan’s have made this one spectacular to visit. Hope you enjoy your next two trips

  4. Natalie

    What an interesting day trip! We’ve visited caves and I’m surprised this one is warm! I had the, obviously incorrect, idea that they are all cool. You learn something new everyday, right? 🙂

  5. Naomi

    Wow that looks really cool! And it is massive! Love the little animation map there. I had never heard of this but it seems like an excellent thing to do on Mallorca!

  6. Smidge

    We are planning a family trip to Mallorca in summer so this is great! I now know where to take my niece and nephew! Is there any restrictions on ages?

    • LJ Legend

      No no age restriction, I just wouldn’t recommended any 0-3 years old just because theres a lot of walking up and down stairs and its a bit dark, but there’s plenty to do in Mallorca. It’s an amazing island

  7. Kris

    I always feel uneasy when Im inside a cave.Im not sure why though. But looking at the cave, that’s a huge one and I guess I can handle it. Hehe! I would always want to conquer my fears and getting into a cave would be a great idea.


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