In 2017 I will be releasing my first self-published novel although not released yet I have decided to go down the self publishing route, so that I may take full control of my book process from start to finish.

The Secret Diary of a Hotel Entertainer Synopsis


Get ready for a summer filled with sun, sand, sea and sex in Mallorca….

The Secret Diary of a Hotel Entertainer “Hotel Gemini book series” follows the adventures of three-seasoned entertainer’s Louise, Jake and Tom as they embark on a new season in Alcudia, Mallorca.

The book series follows each of three entertainers and how they deal with their love lives, their job, their friendships and of course the holiday makers and locals around them. Often their antics lead to some hilarious, some times dangerous, other times naughty but nice and at times crazy adventures

This book series has all your usual holidaymakers suspects from nightmare children, swingers, loud and Leary lads and girl’s holidays, serial complainers, drunken and even suicidal guests and a whole lot more. But as well as dealing with the guests they also have a whole list of locals to deal with from ex-pats to drug dealers, crazy holiday reps and of course competition with other hotel entertainers.

The Secret Diary of a Hotel Entertainer goes behind closed doors to show that it’s not all smiles, tiaras and getting tanned by to swimming pool, for these hotel entertainers but also drama with every chapter like a new episode all leading to the big finish.

Set in the Mediterranean backdrop of Mallorca, Alcudia this book has it all zany characters you’ll want to know more about, to adventures that you’ll be able to picture yourself in. The Secret Diary of a Hotel Entertainer is loosely based on the life of the Author LJ Legend who herself was an entertainer for many years but it’s up to you to decide what actually happened and what didn’t, just remember the more unlikely it sounds the more likely it was to have happened…

I have been an entertainer for 15 years, I came up with the idea in 2014 to write my first novel The Secret Diary of a Hotel Entertainer which is some what based on some of my adventures and experiences within my many years in the industry . Although some events have been modified for your entertainment, the more far-fetched the scenario in the book the more likely it happened but she’ll keep you guessing what actually happened.

Hotel entertainers are all smiles and tiaras in the public eye, but they have to unwind and some times they can get a wild, which can end up getting them in to trouble and they may be there for your entertainment, but they often go above and beyond to ensure their guests have a great time.  The three main characters are based on myself and two of her closest friends, whilst other entertainers and holiday reps as well as characters are a list of many people that she has worked with other the years. Other characters in the books such as the locals are based on people that she has met through out my time in Alcudia whose names have been changed for obvious reasons.  The guests in the books are a collaboration and mix of the 100’s of holidaymakers who have crossed my path through out the years and they too have their own stories. If you ever visit Alcudia it is a beautiful place hidden on the island of Mallorca, with many picturesque beautiful views, amazing restaurants with lots to do and to give the book series a feel for realness I have described the venue and locations which I have used for inspiration.

I have tested the waters of my novel before deciding to release in January 2017, by letting some of the holidaymakers and locals I met and had become friends with whilst working in Mallorca read some of the chapters before publishing and because the feedback has been overall very good and was the talk of the hotel during my season, I have been given a boost to release the book series, that I have been writing since the October 2014.

Another reason for writing my book is because I wanted to donate 5% of profits made from Amazon sales to the Alzheimer’s society, which is a charity near and dear to my heart.

If you want to get to know my Alcudia before you visit you can check out my post on 10 Reasons Why You Need To Visit Alcudia

About The Author

LJ is the founder of Outside the Bubble UK, she will be releasing her first novel this year called ‘The Secret Diary of a Hotel Entertainer’, which is based on some of her experience as a hotel entertainer over the years. LJ has a passion for Travel and this year is preparing for her next big adventure, whilst also training for her first Triathlon

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17 Responses

  1. Jill Wiley

    WOW! Huge congrats!!! How exciting to be publishing a book! It sounds like a very interesting read! I can’t wait until its available!

  2. Delaine Dcosta

    Congratulations! The synopsis looks really interesting. I’d definitely like to know more about the life of a hotel entertainer. We always see the superficial things, so a look into the inside would be something different. Cant wait for your book to be out.

    • LJ Legend

      Thank you, I will let you know when its out. I don’t think you’ll ever look at a hotel entertainer in the same light again lol

  3. Noemi

    Oh wow! Sounds great! Congratulations. I’m very interested to get a copy of this. I work in the travel industry as well as a travel agent and we do have some interesting stories to share however, I don’t think it would be as interesting as those from hoteliers. :p

    • LJ Legend

      I bet you have a few stories to tell, I’ve met a few travel agents when they have come on business trips to see the hotel so that they can sell the holidays lol

  4. Katie

    Congratulations! I can’t wait to read this!!! I am taking the big move abroad soon and was thinking of self-publishing too so any tips would be amazing! 🙂 Well Done!

    • LJ Legend

      When I looked at the perks of self publishing it sounded like the best route for me and if you need any help please do let me know.

  5. Gemma

    Congrats! This sounds great, I’d definitely be interested to learn about the secrets of someone working in the travel industry. I bet there are a lot of interesting stories!

  6. Janine Good

    Huge congratulations on writing your book! It is such an inspiration to hear of new authors getting their work out there. The synopsis also sounds interesting!

  7. Marina

    That’s so cool! I have always wanted to publish my own book (which by the way I haven’t even started writing).
    I’m so happy to read that some entrepreneurs still self-publish their own works leaving the big industry aside.
    I wish you the best, the book looks really interesting and I’m sure that it’s filled with funny adventures in Mallorca.

    • LJ Legend

      Thank you, I think self-publishing is definatly the way forward! If you have a dream of publishing your own book its worth doing but there is so much that goings in to it blood, sweat, tears but your feel proud when you finish it.


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