As the media registration has opened up for another year of the World Travel Market London (WTML) which takes place between the 6th -8th November from 8 am – 6 pm, I have compiled a list of a few things that I wish I had known about before I went to my first WTML.

What is the World Travel Market London?

The World Travel Market London is one of the largest travel events in the world, it attracts attendees in their hundreds which consists of tourism boards, travel organisations, tour companies, airlines, hotels etc… As an influencer either
a blogger or vlogger, this is the perfect place to connect with the various exhibitors to get your brand out there and potentially get a collaboration out of it.

because my first WTML was last year in November 2016 and I got my pass literally a week before, I must admit that I wasn’t very well organised and I was a little bit like a rabbit in head lights and I guess didn’t really find my feet until the final day and lost a lot of great opportunities this year because of that. I am already starting to get prepared as I now have two blogs and a YouTube channel to promote and a massive adventure starting on the 1st January 2017.

Here is what you need to do as an Influencer

☆ Ensure that your blog/YouTube Channel is consistent, I must admit that I have been a little bit naughty since May and have struggled to do that, but now we are in August and I have done everything that I needed to do I will be posting a lot more.

☆ Build up your social media following start with the one that you are most active with and then work on the others,     create a social media plan, find out when is the best time to post, make sure you are using the correct hashtags and that you are reaching your audience.

☆ Create a media kit, this should include; a picture of you, your brand logo, information about you, information about what your blog or YouTube channel is about, statics social media following, analytics, what work you are available to do with brands. If you are not creative on Photoshop use Canva and tweak the templates to suit you. If you are a YouTuber or videographer create a showreel that shows your skills and your personality and what you can offer.

☆ Get some business cards made up to hand out.  (Make sure that you have a lot because you will give out loads)

What to do when you have registered and have been accepted

☆ Don’t miss the registration for the speed networking event. Last year they only accepted 100 bloggers, this is an excellent way of getting companies to come to you and to meet with companies that actually want to work with influencers.

☆ Go through the list and mark the vendors and the tourism boards that will realistically work with what you blog or Vlog niche is about, make contact with them, message them and set an appointment with them as soon as you can because I can guarantee that their time slots will go very quickly as there will be 100 other influencers trying to do the same thing.

☆ When you do message them to make the appointments keep it brief explain why you would like a meeting with them, Attach a link to your blog or YouTube Channel and if you have both link them, also attach your media kit, this will show that you are serious and will entice them to set that meeting with you.

☆ There will be a number of seminars for influencers these are most definitely worth going to so ensure that you mark them in your calendars so as not to set and meetings up during those times.

☆ It’s worth joining the WTM Blogger Crew group on Facebook as this will give you the opportunity to meet other influencers going to the event, find out about other unofficial WTM events and networking events going on during those three days and more.

☆ Get the WTM App on your phone.

there are plenty of photo opportunities at The World Travel Market, I met these two last year

What to do during The World Travel Market London (WTM)

☆ Make sure that you have the essentials packed ready to take with you; your media kit on printed, business cards, a tablet with internet access so that you can email media kits over (if you have one), portable phone charger and a note pad and pen.

☆ Strong bag, because you will get lots of business cards, press packs and one or two freebies.

☆ Dress smart casual, but ensure that you have comfortable shoes on because you will do a lot of walking through out the three days. (You need to be comfortable in what you wear but remember you need to appear professional)

☆ It’s worth bringing some drinks, snacks or a packed lunch as food can be quite pricey and there will be lots of people queueing up to get food.

☆ Pre-plan where you are going to head to in advance as the show is broken up into regions, prioritise your locations in order of the location that is the most beneficial to your niche.

☆ If you approach the exhibitors there is no harm in asking for the person who deals with the Press related enquiries, if they’re not there ask if they have a business card or ask when they will be back.

☆ If you are invited to any events that will enable you to network try your best to go to them, last year a few embassies and travel companies held one or two after parties.

☆ Tweet and Instagram throughout the day, ensure to use the right hashtags, tagging the right people and engage in twitter chats with influencers, vendors and tourism boards, because that is how I got some of my meetings last year.

What to do during your meetings

☆ Be confident, it can be intimidating to talk with vendors and tourism boards just be yourself, don’t talk over them which is easy to when you are nervous.

☆ Be original and unique there will be a lot of other influencers after the same thing as you, so ensure that you know what you can offer the person you are meeting with and why you are their best choice.

☆ Take notes of what was said after the meeting and email them that evening or if you have the time during the event, as their inboxes will fill up quickly.

So that’s pretty much all the information that I can give you if you are going to WTML drop me a line and don’t forget to enjoy as this was a really enjoyable event for me last year and I met some lovely bloggers and I am sure that you will enjoy too.

Beautiful Floral display made by the Colombia Exhibitor for WTML


About The Author

LJ is the founder of Outside the Bubble UK, she will be releasing her first novel this year called 'The Secret Diary of a Hotel Entertainer', which is based on some of her experience as a hotel entertainer over the years. LJ has a passion for Travel and this year is preparing for her next big adventure, whilst also training for her first Triathlon

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11 Responses

  1. Lisa

    These are excellent tips, and I’ve learned so much from it! I’m attending this year’s WTM; will you be going? I definitely plan to sign up for the speed networking, though not sure I’ll get a spot! I’m so going to brush up my media kit now! Thank you so much for sharing these great tips with us!

    • LJ Legend

      Hi Lisa, I am glad you found it helpful. I am attending WTM this year so you’re more than welcome to meet up with me. Even if you don’t get on the speed networking this year don’t worry as you can pre arrange your meetings which you can have a longer time slot with the person.

  2. Maggie

    Great tips! This sounds like a really fun event to attend. I recently went to our local travel expo as media and it was so awesome to see all the different exhibits.

  3. yukti

    I was not knowing about WTM-London event. Thanks a ton for sharing it as I am quite new to blogging world and would like to participate in such kind of events. I will save your post as a reference to follow many of the useful tips. Very informative post!

  4. The Wanderer

    Excellent tips. Must admit was not aware about World Travel Market London (WTML). Can you help me out how can I register/attend the event. Thanks for sharing

  5. Indrani

    WTM was so mysterious to me, never had any clue what it was like.
    Your detailed explanation has made me understand it better. Very helpful tips. Thanks.

  6. Rhiannon

    This is such a fab post!! I’ve been considering registering for the WTM this year but have been having trouble weighing up the costs of going with the benefits. You’ve really helped me out a lot here with the decision, great post!

  7. jitaditya

    This ia great post. I know what you are talking about. I have been blogging for many years but never attended such events and I am sure I have missed out on many opportunities. Marketing and PR have become and improtant part of blogging whether one likes it or not!

  8. Ami

    I have never been to one but have always wondered – for one on how to get there and two, what to expect there. Your post has managed to demystify this for me and now I do see the benefit of working towards this. Thanks for all those useful tips. Pretty handy some of them are.

  9. Parnashree Devi

    I always wanted to attend WTM. But I couldn’t make it last year. I am hoping to be there this year. Thanks for those great tips. It’s really helpful.


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