In an age where male superhero movies dominate the big screen, one female superhero has seriously proved herself as more than capable of standing her ground and most definitely redeemed Warner Brothers and DC for the not so great Batman Vs Superman movie that introduced us the legend that is Wonder Woman (and in my opinion even then she was the best part of Batman Vs Superman back in 2016). Wonder Woman combines a cross combination that Thor and Captain America gave us from the Marvel franchise with the mythical background as Thor did with Viking mythology, Wonder Woman touches base on this with Greek mythology introducing us to Greek Gods and ancient warrior woman known as the Amazons. And as Captain America; The Avenger came into his own as a hero based on World War 1 backdrop which sees the rise of the first superhero for the Marvel franchise, we see Wonder Woman travel to World War 1 and becomes more than an Amazon she became Wonder Woman arguably the first superhero for the DC franchise… What both Marvel movies had been gotten right was that they had an equal balance of giving a mission that is so bad that it leaves mankind hanging in the balance but not too dark that our heroes can’t come back from it and the banter between the characters that would get the audience laughing with them showing a human side and Wonder Woman does this as well and add’s that feminine touch through her innocence, the movie manages to make the audience wants to see Diana succeed in a world dominated by men… In my opinion, this film is 5 stars all the way even if some of the castings was a little flat, but I for one can not wait for it to come on to DVD.

The Story Line

There is no doubt that this film gets that backstory out-of-the-way as quickly as possible, we find out that when Zeus the King of the Greek Gods created man they became corrupted by Ares the god of war and the son of Zeus, so to create balance in the world again he gave the world the Amazon women, which calmed things for a time, until Ares corrupted the men again and they tried to oppress the Amazon’s and all out war broke out in battle against Zeus backed by the Amazon’s and Ares backed by mankind. After the battle, the Amazon’s disappeared to the paradise island of Themiscyra. Which is where a young Princess Diana begins here training to become a mighty Amazon warrior like her mother Queen Hippolyta and her Aunt Antiope who is the General of the Amazons.

Forward a few years to Diana becoming a woman and learning she is not like the other Amazons, the tranquillity of Themiscyra when a pilot crash lands and is rescued by our heroine. Shortly after his rescue we find out that the dashing pilot is also a spy by the name of Steve Trevor (played by Chris Pine) who is full of stories of the war and how he may be able to help stop the war of all wars which entices Diana to protect mankind and to stop the war, to do this she has to leave the safety of her isolated island and this is where our adventure begins slap bang in the last remaining days of World War 1.

Wonder Woman and the Amazon’s pictured owned by Warner Brothers

Cast & Characters

Although there were many talented cast members I am only going to write about the main two so as not to give too many spoilers away.

Gal Gadot as Diana Prince/Wonder Woman

Diana Prince/Wonder Woman

As this movie is set 99 years before Batman Vs Superman, we see a very different Diana she is very innocent to the ways of the world, almost like a child in a toy shop. With a fresh face and a belief that everyone is innocent and she is in a world where she has a lot to learn.

Gal Godot (Actress)

If anyone was born to play Wonder Woman it’s this woman, she has beauty and the acting skills to pull this off and should be proud to lead the way for this generation’s female Superhero movies, as let’s be honest comic book wise the last female superhero movie (Catwoman aside) was Super Girl. Except Gal Gadot truly kicks ass and she filmed this whilst she was pregnant what a legend.

Chris Pine as Steve Trevor

Steve Trevor

Steve Trevor his the dashing spy on a mission, to help put an end to the war and will stop at nothing to do this. He has charm and is quick-witted and obviously used to charming the ladies until it comes to Wonder Woman, which I think draws him more to her. He is a loveable rogue that helps add the male testosterone into the movie for the male viewers.

Chris Pine (Actor)

I must admit that I have a crush on this actor after seeing him in this role. He has the talent to play both a serious actor and a comedy role, so watch out this one.


Final Thoughts on the Wonder Woman Movie

What I liked about this film?

Not gonna lie I loved this film and will be buying the DVD when it is out. The fight scene was excellent it showed that both Wonder Woman and the Amazon’s had the skills to take on anyone and true girl power. I loved the origin story of Diana/Wonder Woman growing up but would have liked to have seen more of the relationship between both Diana and her mother Queen Hippolyta and her Aunt Antiope who is the General of the Amazons. I also loved how the build up of Diana and Steve’s relationship although a big part of the movie was not the main focus and they didn’t make Steve a distraction for Diana which meant that she could kick ass.

Robin Wright going into battle as Antiope General of the Amazons

What I feel didn’t work for the film?

Now this is my own personal opinion but I was a bit disappointed to see who Ares was as in my mind the god of war should have been a bit more hardcore and more like a wrestler like WWE’s HHH, but I do respect the actor who played him as I think that he is a tremendous actor and didn’t see it coming (I can’t name the actor as it will spoil the movie if you haven’t watched it).

Some parts of the movie did feel a little rushed and some questions that could have been answered to draw us in more…

Apart from that I loved this film and hope that if you haven’t seen the film you will go and see it.

Wonder Woman going into battle and cross enemy lines

Where can DC go with the Wonder Woman Franchise

With this being the movie that has won viewers back to the DC movie franchise and helped spark interest in the Justice League movie after a few epic movie fails in the franchise. Wonder Woman has opened up a whole world of movies including a saga of movies focusing on Diana Prince/Wonder Woman as a stand-alone hero which we could follow her in the years after World War 1 or follow in the footsteps of Captain America and  bring us up to modern-day and help credit the lead up to the final phase of the Justice League.

I would also like to see and origins franchise about Queen Hippolyta and General of the Amazons Antiope before Diana was born and the battle between the Greek Gods, which lead would eventually lead up to the birth of Diana.

We could also see a television show based on agent Steve Trevor following his adventure before meeting Diana and would introduce us to the other characters that joined him and Diana in the battle against the Germans and Ares including Sameer, Charlie and The Chief as this was not explored enough in the movie. Yes, this would be kind of in the style of Marvel’s Agent Carter, but the one difference would be this show would be a prequel to the Wonder Woman (2017) movie where as Agent Carter is set after Steve Rogers a.k.a Captain America is frozen in ice and presumed dead.

Wonder Woman and Her Squad
Sameer (played by Saïd Taghmaoui) Steve Trevor (played by Chris Pine) Diana/Wonder Woman (played by Gal Gadot), The Chief (played by Eugene Brave Rock) and Charlie (Played by Ewen Bremner)

DC Vs Marvel – How DC need to move on the success of Wonder Woman

For me personally I am a big fan of most superhero movies and with no doubt Marvel/Disney are miles ahead of the game compared to DC/Warner Brothers and a big part of that is because Marvel introduced you to all the main players in between the linking of the Avenger films which helped us to connect with the Marvel Universe itself and even with its TV shows all the phases were released in the right order. Whereas DC has slightly gone wrong we meet Clark Kent/Superman (played by Henry Cavill) which was fine it didn’t jump out at us but it showed a grittier Superman for this generation and then they jumped ahead  of the story to Batman Vs Superman, with the very deceiving trailers that got our hopes up and us all excited only to be completely disappoint us. Except for introduction to a brand new Bruce Wayne/Batman (Ben Affleck) and of course the Redeemer of the DC/Warner Brothers franchise Diana Prince/Wonder Woman (Gal Gadot) and also touch base on the Justice League Batman Vs Superman sucked. What we should have had before Batman Vs Superman and the Suicide Squad was a Batman Movie with Ben Affleck which either takes place during the Superman movie or just after which would have built us up to the Batman Vs Superman and then following on from that we would get the rest of the Justice League member individual movies out there. As for Suicide Squad, I actually didn’t mind it, I enjoyed Harley Quinn (Margot Robbie) and Dead Shot (Will Smith) I just don’t think that we as an audience were ready for it without a Batman movie for this franchise to set the scene for it and let’s be honest Suicide Squad could have been the Guardians of the Galaxy of the DC world.

The way forward for DC would be to focus on the Justice League movies and in between, they release the Batman movie, Aqua Man, Wonder Woman 2, The Flash and Cyborg movies Then another Justice League Movie followed by Suicide Squad and so on…


Disclaimer: All images and footage owned by Warner Brothers Studios and DC Comic

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